Take it all - Gumroad Library Membership

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An "exclusive" offer of a weekly growing selection of products in the Codesignprojects Gumroad library. Blend files, materials, Geometry Nodes setups and all the fun to study, use, reuse or modify. These setups are kept as simple as possible, concentrating on one concept, for readability and clarity, in order to make them as useful and easy to dissect as possible.

Take them all, rip them apart, edit and and have fun.

(How does it work? Browse trough the Products, then head here and download the file you wish for free. That's all !)

With the membership, you will have a priority if you have questions or requests.

Email - codesignprojects@outlook.com

Discord - (Invite for members after purchase)

Every week or so there will be a new blend file, always revolving around some new, sparkling idea or method. The idea behind these files is to provide a clear, immediately usable concept to discover and fool around !

There is a new product frequently, so you will never run out of some quick fun to do ! : )

See you on the other side of the war !

Enjoy !

Note - In the subscription model, to be able to use the downloaded files, materials and node trees in production and social media, the subscription has to be active for at least three month. Otherwise, the downloaded material is only for personal use. Once the mentioned period is achieved, all the copyright of all downloaded files is transferred. In before the three month period, the copyright is only valid , if the subscription is active.


All the files. That simple. And all the fun.

Geometry Nodes, Animation nodes
All Eevee, all fast to render
Hard surface, organic, ready to use
Lights, World, mood - all set up
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Take it all - Gumroad Library Membership

4 ratings